The Eyelash Fairy - Cheri Hurd, licensed Esthetician

Eye Lash Extensions           
Lash Extensions are have been around for several years and are now becoming very popular due to lower pricing and available Certified Lash Technicians. 
A single extension is glued to a single lash with a semi permanent medical grade glue.  Due to your natural lash life cycle of approx. 100 days, your natural lash with fall out with the extension still attached. Thus you will need to return for a refill. I recommend every two or three weeks to retain maximium fullness.
 Lash Extension Set                                          $150.00
50 extensions per eye - 1 hour 30 minutes                               
Fairylishous Set                                                   $200.00
(Every medium and long lash - 2 to 2 1/2 hours)
Extension Refills

Every two weeks approx.  30 minutes
Every three weeks approx. 45 minutes
Four to six weeks approx.  60 minutes
Removal                                                           $25.00                                                 
Care for extensions is simple.
No Water or steam for 48 hours. 
No rubbing
No oily eyeliner or eye makeup remover.
No Mascara.
Lash Tiniting - black tint only                                $20.00
For the person who has long lashes but no color such as blonde or light brown. Lash tinting takes approximately 20 minutes and lasts 6 to 8 weeks.
Lash FAQs:
What brand of lash glue do you use?
Answer:  I offer two different glues.
I have found that some clients have reactions to one brand of glue or are sensitive to strong glues so I offer 2 different glues. One from 3D Beauty  and the other is from NovaLash (the Plat.Bond).
Can I have makeup on when I come in for my appt?
Answer:  No Mascara.  Eyeshadow and eyeliner is okay to
wear the day of your appt, but no mascara.  The reason for this is because if I have to spend 15 minutes of your 30 minute appt removing mascara and cleaning your lashes, you will only receive 15 minutes of lash application time. Thus cutting the amount of new lashes you would have received.
Is it okay if I show up 5 - 10 minutes late?
Answer:  Your appointment starts at the time scheduled.  If you are late, you are costing yourself lash application time.  Anyone more than 10 minutes late to a 30 minute appointment will need to reschedule.
Do lash extentions hurt my natural lashes?
Answer:  This question has two answers.  If you are demanding lashes that are too heavy or too long for your natural lash the answer is yes.  Your lashes will not be able to hold the extension and you will see a significant loss in natural lashes.   However, if you are fitted with the correct length and weight your natural lashes will not be harmed, provided that you take care not to abuse the extensions.  For example sleeping face first in the pillow, or constantly picking or pulling on extentions.
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